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Book: Remains to be Seen

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Photographs by Travis Fox | Essay by Philip Kennicott | Published by Daylight

Remains To Be Seen explores a disappearing but still tangible American landscape, from the Rust Belt towns of the Midwest to the Borscht Belt resorts of the Catskill Mountains. Using aerial photography with documentary candor and precision, Travis Fox creates a visually sumptuous record of former industrial sites and abandoned neighborhoods that persist as incisions on the landscape, scars in the memory, and traces of healing. Fox finds patterns that would be undetectable from the ground, uncovering a new visual record of old and debilitating problems, from institutionalized racism to environmental destruction. Remains To Be Seen offers a bracing vision of an America that has become so familiar that it is, paradoxically, invisible to many Americans. Through a view from above, detached but vulnerable, Fox’s camera counters that disappearance and connects old landscapes to contemporary conscience. 


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